“Trust: Research Co-creating Resilient Societies” co-organized by the European Commission (DG RTD) and Net4Society is a high-level conference which took place in Brussels at the Royal Academy of Sciences on 29-30 October 2015.

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The two-days conference “Trust: European Research Co-Creating Resilient Societies” offered a unique forum to discuss the different perceptions of trust and how research can contribute to fostering trust in societies.

The conference focused on how trust can be achieved, what trust is, how research can contribute to fostering trust in societies. The discussions aimed also to demonstrate how research can have a direct impact on economics, politics and society.

It was also a great opportunity for around 200 policy makers, research, and civil society representatives to discuss on:

1. Europe in a changing world – Perspectives on 2050

2. Research matching society – From visions to actions

3. Let’s work together – From ideas to innovations in Horizon 2020

"We need to communicate not only to present data & results, but to build up TRUST" (said one of the speakers from the conference). We would add that we need to build up trust and s stronger connection between research-civil society, to make citizens more aware of how research and security research impacts their lives and how they can react and have a say!

SecurePART was presented as one of the projects which aims to offer an answer to the question “Why are social innovations essential for building trustworthy societies?”

The consortium was represented by two of the partners, ENNA  (European Network of National Civil Society) and GUF (Goethe University from Frankfurt).

More information about the conference you can read on Net4Society website


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