The SecurePART workshop (details) will take place on the 14th and 15th of September in Berlin within the frame of the Week of volunteering and civic engagement in Germany (details). 

The "Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement" (BBE) in English "The National Network for Civic Engagement" is the nationwide network of supporters and promoters of more than 23 million engaged citizens that connects more than 250 stakeholders from civil society, business and government with the aim of working together to strengthen civil society and civic engagement and participation in all social and political areas.

This year the BBE announced that the week of volunteering and civic engagement in Germany will be held from 11 – 20 September 2015.

Since 2004, this week of events is organized in honor of the 23 million German volunteers (citizens, initiatives, associations, foundations, and social enterprises) that participate under the motto “Volunteering makes us strong" in various events across the country, giving social and innovative projects and activities the public attention they deserve.

Indeed, SecurePART workshop - that will bring together experts in the field of security research and representatives of CSOs to learn more about how to increase the interaction and cooperation between these two different fields - perfectly match in the week of volunteering and civic engagement frame.

The results of the study  - that the SecurePART consortium carried out within the project - show that the level of engagement of CSOs in security research is low. Due to this scarce interaction between security research experts and CSOs, the scientific results about security remain stuck in the realm of universities and research centres, while they should be shared and spread in large scale. Security issues affect all the members of the society, thus, civil society need to be informed and involved. SecurePART project has been created exactly to  fill this gap and facilitate the synergy between Civil Society Organisations and security research.