Civil dialogue: a tool for better legislation in the general interest

Source: European Economic and Social Committee

The annual Civil Society Day is a major EESC initiative, organised in partnership with its Liaison Group with European civil society networksbringing together key players in European and national civil society organisations, business leaders and entrepreneurs, academics, EU policy- and decision-makers and interested media. It provides a forum for dialogue on issues that matter to civil society stakeholders at European level.

With a new Commission in office, it appears even more crucial to enhance civil society involvement in a strategic way, and to develop a real civil dialogue to improve legislation at European level and respond better to citizen's needs.

This year's edition, whose title will be “Civil dialogue: a tool for better legislation in the general interest” aims at setting up principles and guidelines for a permanent and structured civil dialogue at European level.

The works of the conference will be based on the Road Map that was adopted at the NGO Forum in Riga in March 2015 and on how to implement it through specific actions.  

While the morning will focus on how to engage citizens and the abovementioned Road Map, the afternoon session will handle three topics in participatory workshops, dealing with

  • How to make civil dialogue more effective in the policy making environment?
  • How to contribute to the social and civic dimension of governance?
  • How can civil dialogue contribute to the external dimension of European politics?




In the attempt to solve the democratic deficit that affects EU, the European and Economical Societal Committee (EESC) organized this event to bring together representatives of civil society organisations from the EU as well as its neighbouring countries to discuss about how EU legislation can have better impact impact on people's lives. In particular, how citizens and CSOs can better contribute in the consultation, policy making, monitoring and evaluation processes. The consortium was present at the event to undertake a communication action that highlighted the contribution that CSOs are making to increase the democratic legitimacy of EU action and institutions.
During the Civil Society DAY SecurePART consortium met the main target audience of the project, that is to say, CSOs representatives and to present them the project. Moreover the event was the perfect occasion to invite CSOs representatives to the SecurePART Workshop ‘Get Involved In Shaping The Future Of European Security Researh‘ (15th and the 16th of September) in Berlin. For instance, different members of ENNA were present at the event as well as other CSOs representatives in contact with ENNA’s network and they were provided with more information about the project and invited to participate to the Belin event.
The consortium was present actively through a special corner just in front of the room event were they showed a special roll-up and give invitation to the participants. The materials are shown below:


Roll up

The Civil Society Day was an important moment of debate about the importance of CSOs involvement in the public sphere: SecurePART project fully match this issue with a special focus on security research. The event was right place for communication and dissemination about the SecurePART project activity and future events. In particular the consortium had the chance to get in contact directly with the main target audience of its project, CSOs.

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