Organized by the European Economic and Social Committee at European Parliament premises

In the last period European Union is facing big challenges coming from internal fragmentation and external hostility, exacerbated by massive human migration movements that put under discussion the main values of European Union such as stability, unity, prosperity and democracy. The event gathered CSOs and European Institutions representatives to discuss about the importance of CSOs in connecting citizens with European Institutions and vice versa in facing these issues. Contributions and limits have been explored from human rights to migration and security, from food waste to Roma integration and to Ukraine situation, from citizen participation to economic governance perspective and much more. SecurePART‘s member ENNA was present to carry out networking and dissemination activities based on direct contact with the participants that were mostly CSOs representatives.

The institutional recognition of CSOs as important players in shaping grassroots needs to influence the political decision-making process and in connecting citizens with European Institutions is a big step: but still, more structured interactions among CSOs and national and European institutions are required to strengthen internal cohesion and democratic values. This seems to be the most appropriate way to face the EU crisis of values, security threats and internal fragmentation.

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