This conference on Civil society in research and innovation was organized jointly by the EC FP7 CONSIDER project – Civil society organisations in designing research governance and the EESC-European Economic and Social Committee. It was the final presentation of the CONSIDER project.

In all European research funded in Horizon 2020 public engagement in research has been established as a cornerstone of the responsible research and innovation agenda. Such engagement calls for the involvement in projects of stakeholders in research such as industry, researchers, policy makers and civil society organisations.

The event aimed to highlight work undertaken by EESC and the CONSIDER consortium and stimulated debate between representatives of the main stakeholder groups involved in civil society in research. It has contributed to the development of evidence-based research policy in Europe and its member states. By highlighting current practice and factors that influence the success of civil society organisations involvement in research, the event provided insights into good practice that can be the basis of future policy.

The activities and positions of the EESC towards the involvement of civil society in research and the key results of the CONSIDER project were presented. In a first panel the current state of CSO participation in R & I was reported by representatives of research societies, organizations and civil society organizations-CSOs. The second panel discussed about the future developments with speakers from the EC and research organizations.

The topics addressed were extremely relevant to SecurePART and discussions with members of the CONSIDER project were held in view of using a part of their survey data related to the EC Security research programme.

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