SecurePART organised the project’s Final Conference that took place on the 3 March 2016, 11:00-17:00 CET at the European Economic and Social Committee, Building Trèves, Room TRE 7701 -7th Floor, Brussels.

At this conference, the participants discussed the SecurePART findings about benefits and challenges of strengthening CSO engagement in security research. SecurePART presented its final Action Plan to the European Commission in order to help link Civil Society Organizations with researchers, industry, and policy makers in a productive way, so that Security Research contributes to making society more secure.

The consortium decided that the best focus for the final event was a conference with a short introduction of the project, an explanation of the action plan and recommendations for strengthening the links between Civil Society Organizations and Security Research the consortium developed. In order to assure a fruitful discussion among the different stakeholders participating at the event two panel discussions took place with the following thematic:

 - CSO participation modes in SR

 - Future issues on the SR agenda

In this way, the methodology assures an open and transparent dialogue leading positive outcomes that guide the security research stakeholders in the future.


>> View the photos of the event here <<

>> You can see the agenda of the event (as well as the speakers) here <<

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