First General Assembly

The conference was organized by MAPPING consortium and it brought together stakeholders who are active in the three key areas and served discussion and exchange on the results produced by the MAPPING project in the first year. The major theme was: From Privacy to Freedom of Expression: the Continuum in 2015-2020.

Key Topics were inter alia "The Impact of Information and Network Security as Means to Guarantee Democracy and Fundamental Human Rights" and "Do the fundamental rights to privacy, freedom of press and freedom of expression (now) entail a right to anonymous/encrypted communication?"

The debate faced one of the most controversial issues in the filed: the balance between security and privacy. How much privacy citizens need to give up in order to be protected? ENNA attended the event representing SecurePART: it was the right event to promote SecurePART results and connect with some of the MAPPING consortium members.

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