Organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

It was devoted to themes and instruments in the field of market-oriented innovation. The aim of the workshop was to gather knowledge and experience obtained at the national and international levels and to collect important impulses and suggestions for maximizing synergies between national and European civil security research. Numerous companies, government agencies and end-users attended the event.

It has been a unique opportunity to discuss with what innovative steps at the national level initiated research priorities can be continued at European level.

A poster session was also organized to favour the formation of networks and interests groups in view of the submission of future research proposals answering calls from the European security research programme.

We had at the occasion of this event the possibility to learn about strategic partnerships established by technology developers and end users as well as about the last developments and initiatives about the Horizon 2020 and national (France and Germany) security research programmes.

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