This workshop was organized by the E-MRS European Materials Research Society.

The workshop was a contribution to the support of the use of Nanomedicine to the benefit of the patients. Highly recognised specialists have been invited to debate the current status quo and the expected perspectives of research and translation of results to the clinic in the next five years.

It took about 15 years to introduce Biotechnology to the large pharmaceutical companies; Nanomedicine is presently at the beginning of this process. Scientists active in the field, pharmaceutical industry representatives but also European Policy- and Decision-makers, European parliamentary members and experts in politics and government joined on that occasion to hear about leading progress and discuss the necessary support for the development of this cutting edge field of medicine.

This workshop gave us the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the quickly evolving field of nanoparticles research for medical use and to discuss with leading Europe scientists about ethical aspects of this potentially controversial scientific field.

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